Our focus is to help you with solutions to our changing and challenging agricultural environment. We need solutions that are environmentally friendly, build food quality and are simple and financially sustainable.

Often when we think about our farming business we just think about whats above the soil, yield and stock. But its the soil that we rely upon to grow the pasture or crop. We also know that soil is more than just chemistry and physical structure. But how much attention and time do we really pay to the biology and how ALL three areas impact and interact with each other, the environment and your overall business. At Our Future Land we show and explain the links, then we work with you to develop and improve your farm. 

We realise at Our Future Land that every farm is different, from the soil, the enterprise, contour, the climate and the way its managed. These factors all have an impact on all of the natural cycles that occur within the soil. These cycles are also closely linked to soil and water quality, nutrient movement, profitability, sustainability. Effectively the overall health of the environment and business.


This is why we believe that we need to consider the whole system. We need to build agricultural systems that sustain and enhance the environment, renew soils, provide nutrient dense crops, resulting in healthy animals and people.

If we are to remain farming for the generations to come we must start now. We all rely on agriculture and need it to be sustainable.

How we farm today will affect tomorrow and we have the knowledge and skills to change the future. We can't change our past..... but we can determine our destiny.

Shane Croft - Sept 2018.jpg
Shane Croft

Senior Consultant


Cell : 021 523 631

Email : shane@ourfutureland.co.nz

Graduated in 1995 with a B Com Ag major in Farm Management. Shane then started in the Dairy Industry as a Consulting Office for the New Zealand Dairy Board which has transitioned to DairyNZ. He worked in Uruguay and has run his own Consulting Business since 2004. During this time Shane has developed extensive knowledge in farm systems, cow nutrition, feeding systems and soils. Shane has developed his experience into a comprehensive farm systems programme that bridges the conventional and the sustainable regenerative approach to agriculture, all the while ensuring the business is financially sustainable and robust. Shane is that leading consultant that knows the critical links to farm systems sustainability, productivity, and profitability . This knowledge and experience has resulted in Our Future Land being developed and launch.

Shane is a Kinsey Soil Consultant with in-depth knowledge and experience in both conventional supply model of soil fertility and the Albrecht / Kinsey Approach to soil management. He has recently completed and passed both Intermediate and Advance Sustainable Nutrient Management Courses through Massey University. Shane is continually educating himself that has seen him return from an Advance Soil Fertility course held in Missouri, USA, in July / August 2018

Shane's passion, to see New Zealand agriculture industry be the best in the world providing nutrient dense food that brings health and wellness to everyone, through sustainable and regenerative farming practices.