Soil is critical to your business and to our Nation. As Franklin D Roosevelt said; " A Nation that destroys its soils destroys itself "

This is why Our Future Land is dedicated to providing solutions to all farming enterprises to build healthy soils with sustainable programmes that build soil carbon, restore nutrient cycles and ultimately clean water. 




Working with you to understand your farming goals and vision for your business is essential. By understanding your business and vision in this changing environment we are able to tailor a program that will improve the health and productivity of your soil.  


This is achieved by thorough Soil and Plant testing that gives detailed analysis that is used to develop a sustainable fertiliser and nutrient management program for your farming enterprise. Our approach is to provide the correct nutrition for soil health and biological growth that is both profitable and sustainable.

Your soil is the life and future of your business this is why at Our Future Land we recognise that soil fertility is more than just N P K S and soil chemistry. It’s about developing a planned approached to soil health and fertility that focuses on regenerating the soil, the biology, physical structure and the chemistry. 

Healthy soil provides all the life and nutrition that produces the highest quality food or product for New Zealanders and the World.


In all of our agricultural enterprises nationally we must deliver high quality product but the focus needs to shift also to nutrient dense products that were once produced 50-70 years ago. This nutrient density comes from how we manage our most valuable resource, our soil. By building our soils health, we build carbon, restore nutrient cycles and release life back into the soil. This life then feeds the plants and crops that either feed livestock or us directly.