Your dairy cows require high volumes of high quality feed every day.  A key to achieving a part of this challenge is providing high nutrient dense feed from your farm every 365 days. At Our Future Land we have the knowledge and experience of over 20 years in dairy farm systems and design, cow nutrition, feeding programmes, soil fertility and management. With this experience we are able to tailor a system and programme that meets your goals for milk production, pasture harvest, profitability and sustainability.

Call or email us for a Farm Systems Analysis to identify opportunities in your business. 

Dairy farming plays a huge role in New Zealand Agriculture and the Economy. Its for these reasons why we need our Dairy Industry not only to be profitable but environmental sustainable. 

In all of our agricultural enterprises nationally we must deliver high quality products but the focus needs to shift also to nutrient dense products that were once produced 50-70 years ago. This nutrient density comes from how we manage our most valuable resource, our soil. By building our soils health, we build carbon, restore nutrient cycles and release life back into the soil. This life then feeds the plants and crops that either feed livestock or us directly.